We all deserve a sea view life

This sentence, which we share in every word, is the cornerstone of our hospitality and the desire to offer our guests an unforgettable holiday by the sea.

Our only goal is to make you feel at home, to let you experience the magical feeling of living on this wonderful island that is Elba.

You will wake up admiring with your own eyes the blue colors of the sea and sky, the sound of the waves will lull you to sleep, you will have that feeling of freedom that can only be felt by walking barefoot on the sand, and you will feel more alive than ever breathing in the sea breeze.

Sea view

You can admire the sea from every perspective: from the bedrooms, from the kitchen, from the terrace, from the garden…you will never get bored.

Your home by the sea

Our little villa is literally located on top of the beach of Cavoli: so close that you can even go out barefoot, far enough to enjoy the right privacy.